Monday, March 17, 2008

Focus on your Cheeks

Focus on Your Cheeks
My February and March advice is ‘turn your focus on your cheeks’. Blush add warmth and color to the face. The contrast of highlight and contour creates the interplay of tones, which results in streamlining the shape of your face.

Give your cheekbones that extra lift with a bit of contour. Using a deeper shade of blush, apply Sacha’s Coffee Bean blush in the hollows of the cheeks.

For a healthy and natural glow, sweep your blush in a downward motion from hairline to mid cheek. For lighter skin tones try Sacha’s Barely Plum blush.

Medium skin tones should opt for Sacha's Melrose blush and deep skin tones come alive with the intense hue of Sacha’s Indian Rose blush.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Transform into the sultry siren, Shakira

Here’s the traffic stopper. Eyes get the green light for March - smokey, seductive, Shakira eyes.

We dare you to be different!! Diva with an attitude!!!!

With just one sweep transform yourself……. This season It’s crystal clear – lots of black, charcoal, sable and even navy bring to life that old saying ‘ your eyes are the windows to your soul’.

Take sultry to a new dimension with Sacha’s Onyx trio eyeshadow kit. Simple yet effective – sweep the lightest color over the entire eyelid, follow up with your sparkling silver, and finish off your smokey look with lots of black. Double coat your Mascara and let your eyes do the talking.

Remember though the rule is …….. heavy eyes - neutral lips…… so maintain that Shakira look with ‘Seashell’ soft lips that will make him melt.